From The Trenches. One day less, one more design

Dear Colleagues,

Yes, in spite of these worrying times and circumstances, design is on fire and as active as ever although many of our livelihoods, whether public or not, may be impacted by the distressing news and the urgent need to take action.

From the Official Graphic Designers’ Association of Catalonia, we want to reach out to you and invite you to get involved in creative challenges you may be familiar with.

We are encouraging you to share your creative actions, projects and activities, either individual or collective and also to suggest those best reflecting our abilities in order to make our little contribution to improve the present situation and help build up a post-Covid-19 new future. 

By sharing these projects as a community in the face of this unprecedented challenge, we will be reflecting not only our personal involvement in the situation, but also our collective response as the sector of professional visual communication.

Perhaps we will not be able to cure our bodies, but we will undoubtedly brighten our spirits, give a boost to our immune system and, in turn, protect ourselves from contracting further illnesses.

Design is here to help, and will always be.

We are launching a graphic proposal that will collect and display every initiative and information received.

We will keep you updated about our latest news and proposals.

To get started, let’s focus on an emblematic element of our past, present, and certainly future activity –the poster, with the aim of lifting up our spirits. The poster’s basic role is to appeal and inform, inform and appeal, it calls on courage , acknowledges our efforts, it warns against danger, focuses on attitude, and will leave an ineffaceable memory in everyone of us of what humanity is going through these days.


A) Action Posters for fighting and lifting up our spirit

“From the trenches

One day less, one more design”

During difficult times creativity always finds its way. The Official Graphic Designers’ Association of Catalonia is encouraging you to participate in the project “From the trenches. One day less, one more design”.

Drawing inspiration from the magnificent posters which in their time were created by diverse artists to stimulate people during the Spanish Civil War and World Wars I and II, our purpose is to build up a virtual museum from our trenches during the Coronavirus pandemic. Whether it is your experiences during these days of confinement, your sensations and newly-found emotions in response to the Covid-19 crisis, your gratitude to those front-line, unsung heroes who are defending us against the virus, or a message of support to those neighbours who have been hit harder by the situation…  We are setting no limit to your creation, except regarding the format: an A3 poster. 

While the confinement period lasts, we will be publishing your works on a digital platform, but our goal is to get this project cross over from the virtual to the physical field and, once we are back to normality, to hold a poster exhibition and publish a catalogue book displaying all projects received. 

Do share this experience with us. The Association strongly believes that this is an excellent way to revalue graphic designers’ work and make it more visible to society during this uncertain, ever-changing time. 


Conditions to participate:

  • Send us your project NOW! and we will share it. @desdelastrincheras
  • In A3 vertical size to:
  • In JPG or TIF format, with a 300ppp resolution or in a PDF/X
  • Name of the file: surname_name_COVID19.JPG (or TIF or PDF/X)
  • Use the phrases we have given to you and add any other you may deem useful in your preferred language  –every little helps. Remember that this pandemic concerns us all…

Enrolment form:

  • Your name and surname(s), and your company’s commercial name if you want it to appear on the enrolment form.
    Your instagram or facebook profile
  • Your collegiate membership number or identification reference number of any association or institution related to graphic design you may belong to.
  • If you are a student, identify yourself as such and provide details about your course of study and the corresponding teaching institution.
  • Your postal and electronic contact details and telephone number.
  • Please note that, although no project will be censored, every author must obviously assume responsibility for the originality, rights, contents and approach regarding his/her project; therefore the “Col.legi” does not necessarily identify or adhere to those.
By participating in this solidary proposal you agree to transfer the image reproduction rights and its possible commercial use to the “Col.legi”, in which case the “Col.legi” promises to donate all funds raised to scientific research and to help those affected by Covid-19.

Translation into English by Maria-Neus Devesa

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Fecha: 10/04/2020